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Camp and Retreat Ministry Leadership Development

The primary role of the Board of Camping, Outdoor and Retreat Ministry is to develop and equip leadership to nurture lives of lifelong discipleship to Jesus.  To this end resources are being identified and training events being developed to provide leaders, including Camp & Retreat Ministry Advocates, with the tools needed to develop a vital and viable camp and retreat ministry in your congregation.

It is envisioned that some training modules will be conducted at local churches while others will be conducted at campsites.  Some modules will even be available on line.

The BCORM is dependent on Camp & Retreat Ministry Advocates to identify potential leaders within their congregation.   Leaders are needed for summer camps, adult retreats, spiritual formation, life skill seminars and special topic events.  Our camp and retreat ministry is limited only by our imagination and the strength of our advocate network.  Together we are so much more than we are individually.  As the Camp and Retreat Advocate in your congregation, you are a needed and are an integral part of identifying the leadership needed to grow our church.

If you would like to volunteer for any of our camping ministries and programs, please contact us at 1-855-C U AT CMP (1-855-282-8267)