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Our Mission


Camp Advocate Network

The Vision of the Camp & Retreat Advocate Network

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Working to establish and nurture a vital relationship between local congregations and the Board of Camping, Outdoor and Retreat Ministries.

What it means to be a Camp & Retreat Advocate

The role of the "Local Church" Camp & Retreat Advocate is:

  1. to promote camp and retreat ministry opportunities and
  2. to identify and utilize resources within your congregation.

As a "Local Church" Camp & Retreat Advocate you will be the essential link between your congregation and the "life changing" opportunities available through camp and retreat ministry.

You will be supported in this endeavor by the Board of Camping, Outdoor and Retreat Ministry, the BCORM.  Training and orientation workshops will be available along with printed resources to support you.  The BCORM will provide you with opportunities to network with other Camp and Retreat Advocates in your area and across the annual conference.

Your advocacy will "enhance" current and "develop" new programming.  It will identify resources to improve our campsite facilities that will better meet the needs of your congregation and the community you serve.